Contact Center Management

In this age of digital media at our fingertips, we have come to expect quick and accurate responses to our requests from a variety of sources—social media, email, website FAQs. And there are some customers who still prefer to pick up a phone, or receive a response in their physical mailbox. Today’s contact centers must be able to accommodate all of these communication methods, and in a manner that meets the needs of the customer.

As experts in customer service, we provide support for inbound and outbound customer contact or call centers. We handle the details associated with in-house or customer-facing inquiries, freeing your staff to work on higher value projects.

The information we provide via our contact centers must be accurate, quick, and in the format the customer needs. Whether tracing a gun used in a crime on our ATF contract, assisting pensioners regarding their benefits with the PBGC, or answering inquiries about grants or resources through the DOJ Community Oriented Police Services, our contact center employees are courteous and fully knowledgeable about the programs they represent.

In addition, we provide comprehensive distribution center support for any size organization or agency. We accept and fulfill web-based or phone orders; and provide digital, warehouse, and shipping services.