Records Management

Compliance with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)’s regulations is complex, but you don’t have to navigate the sea of requirements alone. We are a recognized leader in records management, skilled in helping you establish a records control schedule, create taxonomies, perform records inventories, and establish a records repository. From creation and maintenance to use and disposition, our process provides the framework for transparency, collaboration, and open government that protects the rights and interests of the people your agency serves.

No records management project is too large or too small for our staff. We’ve streamlined the entire document management process for the Benefit Administration and Payment Department of PBGC, responsible for protecting the retirement incomes of over 40 million American workers.

We’ve been at the forefront of records management since before technological tools were commonplace. With our leading edge, innovative digital solutions, we wrestle the most massive record repositories into compliance.

Contact us today and learn how our team of experts can design a records management plan that ensures you’re always in compliance with NARA regulations, freeing you to focus on your primary goals and mission.


Are you ready to meet the Federal Records Directive to go all electronic (M-19-21)? Target deadlines for the directive are little more than three years away—actions needed to comply include managing permanent records electronically with appropriate metadata, and managing temporary records electronically or storing the hardcopies in commercial records storage facilities.

Read our whitepaper to see what’s required and how ZAI can help you meet M-19-21.