Information & Data Management

Whenever information exists, there is a user somewhere that needs it. Our experts have a proven track record of success in information and data management. We help clients gather, analyze, manage and share information and data to optimize its value and support the most informed decisions.

Business Processing

For nearly four decades, we have served both clients and their customers in the management and dissemination of information via websites, digital media, and hardcopy. Sound business practices are essential to this process. Nothing that could put the success of your program or operation at risk can be left to chance.

We can help you manage your operations from start to finish, analyzing performance, evaluating workflows, and reengineering processes that increase operational efficiency and keep you on track. Whether it’s critical reports affecting our citizen’s health, information to assure beneficiary payments, or newly published materials heading to the shelves of the Library of Congress, our experts employ proven standards and methodologies that improve our customers’ operations.

We manage the following business processes with a commitment to stringent quality control, acceptable quality levels, and service level agreements:

  • Document center, file room, and physical and electronic mail operations
  • Production scanning and data entry
  • Electronic submission processing
  • Regulatory filings such as adverse medical event reports, and drug and medical device applications
  • Administration of pension plans and beneficiary documentation

Long-term retention solutions are important for regulation compliance and historical preservation of the critical data your business processes capture. Our staff have a thorough understanding of the legal requirements involved and can help design a records management program that complements your businesses processes and the individual needs of your organization while meeting federal mandates.


Information Centers: Customer Service At Its Best

Experts in customer service, we provide support for inbound and outbound customer contact or call centers. We handle the details associated with in-house or customer-facing inquiries, freeing your staff to work on higher value projects.
Attain increased productivity for your staff as we respond to the needs of your employees or customers quickly, responsibly, and professionally.

Comprehensive Distribution Support

We offer comprehensive distribution center support for any size organization or agency. We accept and fulfill web-based or phone orders; provide digital, warehouse, and shipping services; and even process clients’ incoming and outgoing mail.