Who We Serve

We serve Federalstate and local government as well as commercial customers, providing each with technology-enabled solutions and services focused on information, engineering, and process management. With our specialized understanding of programs, functions, policies and guidelines, we deliver customized solutions that leverage the latest technological advances and provide efficiencies and cost-savings through innovation. We aim to exceed expectations while delivering the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

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We pride ourselves on having knowledgeable and experienced experts that are dedicated to our clients’ missions. Our experts assist the DoD with cost-saving and innovative technology that delivers solutions in a timely manner. The U.S. Navy was ZAI’s first customer in 1977 and remains our valued customer today, confirming that support to the Navy is a ZAI core competency and primary focus. Our skilled subject matter experts enable us to provide management and engineering for the Navy by providing in-service program and engineering support for the operation and maintenance of non-nuclear submarine systems. From program management to financial management, to systems engineering and logistics support, ZAI experts provide invaluable assistance to the U.S. Navy in keeping te submarine fleet ready to meet its mission.



The Government operates more efficiently with innovative technology and an experienced, client-focused partner. Our experts support agencies’ missions and objectives while minimizing costs and improving efficiency. We assist agencies in meeting compliance and agency standards by offering experienced assistance and various contract vehicles. Our employee base includes specialized expertise, such as certified records managers and project management professionals; IT systems development staff; doctors and medical/veterinary staff; and professional librarians and archivists.


State and local institutions face budget cuts, outdated technological systems and many other challenges. Our solutions and services assist state and local departments to improve efficiency and productivity while minimizing costs.


 Businesses strive to improve efficiency and productivity to maximize results and profits. We offer enhanced and innovative solutions and services to help them meet those goals.

Success Stories
We’re proud of the many successes we’ve had with agencies and organizations.