ZAI Contributes to Early, Within Budget Delivery of New Submarine with Highest Quality to-Date for Class

ZAI’s Engineering and Analysis Division facilitated the successful delivery of a Virginia Class submarine while also supporting the overall Virginia Class Program, including construction and test activities.

ZAI personnel played a critical role in the certification process for Post Shakedown Availability (PSA) Fast Cruise and Initial Sea Trials, and coordinated all elements of the certification process with the Fleet to ensure the necessary actions were completed efficiently.

A key member of the program team, ZAI managed the certification and delivery efforts, as well as follow-on Dry Deck Shelter fit-up with parallel Lock-Out Trunk (LOT) and Diver Oxygen Treatment System (DOTS) testing and certification. Included were two significant first-of-class features, essential to the Design for Affordability cost reduction initiatives:

  • A redesigned bow with a Large Area Bow (LAB) sonar array
  • Two Virginia Payload Tubes that replace the Sonar Sphere and 12 Vertical Launch System (VLS) tubes

The new features required changes to 20% of the Class drawings, which made assuring safe operations a much more complex evolution than previous ship deliveries. ZAI’s meticulous leadership and coordination enabled delivery to the Navy ahead of schedule, under budget, and with the highest quality to date for a Virginia Class submarine.

The Program Executive Officer for Submarines stated in an appreciation letter:

You were a critical part in getting the ship constructed, tested, delivered and certified two months ahead of schedule and within budget, while achieving the highest quality to-date for a Virginia Class submarineThis was truly a remarkable achievement, as SSN 785 was the first VPT/re-designed bow ship delivered by Huntington Ingalls, Newport News.”