Website Redesign Helps DOJ Automate and Reduce Shipping and Printing Costs

Over the course of supporting the Department of Justice (DOJ) Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Response Center, ZAI recognized that the COPS Online Resource Information Center (RIC) website was outdated and difficult to navigate. In addition, customer orders had to be entered manually into the order system.

ZAI worked with the COPS Office to develop and implement a new and improved RIC to create an online bookstore look and feel for a better user experience. The new website also provides abstracts of the products so users can determine if the publication is what they need, and provides the ability to download the document directly to their desktop.

To support the new site, ZAI worked with the COPS Office to design, develop, and integrate a call tracking and order fulfillment system called Tracks. Tracks is a web-based solution that, just as its name implies, tracks call information, order fulfillment, and inventory. The integrated website now provides a shopping cart approach for ordering publications that uploads orders directly into the Tracks order fulfillment system.

The overall implementation increased online downloads and reduced the number of orders for hardcopy publications, resulting in reduced shipping and printing costs for DOJ.