On Budget, Ahead of Schedule Delivery for FDA OEEO

In support of the FDA Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (OEEO), ZAI was tasked with evaluating, inventorying, and digitizing a 15-year backlog of hardcopy, highly sensitive legal case files within a very short timeframe. In addition to the requirements to ensure the safety and security of the files during relocation to our secure scanning facility, ZAI was tasked with producing searchable PDF files with 100% image quality. Additionally, ZAI was tasked with providing a final disposition solution in accordance with NARA and FDA records management regulations and guidelines.

ZAI developed a comprehensive project plan that detailed the requirements and milestones from start to finish. At project onset, ZAI performed a comprehensive inventory and document condition assessment, boxed the material, and shipped the documents to our secure off-site scanning facility. After accounting for the entire collection at the scanning facility, ZAI digitized the documents, performed a 100% image quality and OCR of the documents, and prepared them for permanent storage at the Federal Records Center in accordance with NARA guidelines. ZAI received commendation for its excellent performance and for completing the project ahead of schedule and within budget, despite several hurdles encountered throughout the project. Our work allowed FDA to maintain the established tight deadlines and make the documents accessible in electronic format to the office’s employees.