U.S. Navy

The submarine codes at NAVSEA were ZAI’s first customers in 1977, and we have been serving the Navy submarine community’s engineering, maintenance, and logistics needs continuously ever since, performing more than $100 million of submarine related tasking. ZAI offers the personalized customer attention of a smaller company, only with more than 500 employees and superior levels of Navy experience and personnel depth.  A “deep Navy bench” allows ZAI to respond quickly to new tasking and manage surge during emergent requirements.
We offer comprehensive programmatic support, business and financial management, technical and system engineering, submarine safety (SUBSAFE), and logistic support services. Our work includes:
Tracking and managing changes made to ship systems, including gathering data and developing final document and approval processes
Creating an upper-level action item tracking system for management during install phases
Reviewing documents for the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR), with an emphasis on how the fleet uses the data
Training crews for new classes of submarines and maximizing productivity by developing and updating template-based packages to make the process more efficient
Developing a system to streamline the building of submarines, featuring search and retrieval of physical structure and electrical components
Our technical staff of engineers, analysts, and managers is currently assisting many Navy customers in meeting new and/or evolving challenges. For example, our sonar experts are currently assisting the NAVSEA in developing and refining systems that are effective in cluttered littoral environments against modern (quiet) Diesel Electric Submarines. In addition, ZAI employs subject matter experts in Fly-By-Wire control systems. Our personnel also include staff with experience supporting Special Operations Forces (SOF) including design, construction and FMS experience related to the SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV). This experience provides the background necessary to assist the U.S. Navy in meeting unique irregular warfare challenges.  Over 40% of our support personnel on Navy projects have prior Navy experience (including 28% with active duty submarine experience). This experience provides understanding of submarine operational requirements and the unique challenges faced by the Submarine Fleet.
In addition, we provide budget and financial administrative support to the U.S. military for Federal Agency Program Objectives Memorandum (POM) development, submission and reporting. We also perform business case analyses to provide recommendations on reducing costs. Our teams use sound financial management practices and procedures to expedite and integrate multiple Fleet/OPNAV requirements