NASA – Goddard Library

Since 2001, ZAI has provided the NASA Goddard Library with both traditional library support and guided the development of Goddard’s digital library. Supporting approximately 8,000 civil servant and contractor customers in the Goddard community, ZAI manages print and electronic collections for the Goddard Library covering a vast number of subjects, including earth/space science, astronomy, engineering, mathematics, computer science, management, aerospace, physics, and chemistry. Embracing NASA’s commitment to advance the state-of-the-art in web technologies, ZAI designed, developed, built, and maintains the digital library that provides access to a multi-media collection of more than 200,000 e-resources, including online books, journals, and database, and has developed an award-winning Institutional Repository for collecting, cataloging, and preserving Goddard-generated knowledge assets, which now include more than 3,000 author records and nearly 20,000 publication records spanning journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, and books.
ZAI has played a pivotal role in identifying and evaluating emerging technologies and guiding their implementation, moving the Goddard Library into a virtual environment with an emphasis on cost effectiveness and benefit for the entire Library community. ZAI played a significant role in the NASA Goddard Library being named FEDLINK’s 2016 Large Library of the Year.