2022 Wrapup

Friday, December 30, 2022

At the end of 2020, we hoped to get back to “normal” in 2021. At the end of 2021, we wrote of the hope of a “better normal” in 2022. As we come to the close of 2022, it seems we are now living a “different normal;” one that may not be as normal as we would have hoped, as it is not the same as it was before 2020. However, we are finding ways to adapt to make different, well, better.

Of course, adapting is not always easy. It requires finding a balance between what we can and cannot control; as well as between our differing needs and wants as individuals. Our customers are adapting just as we are. They are proceeding cautiously as they plan and adapt to this new environment. We have seen additional projects returning to on-site work at various levels and ways. When you think about it, this is very much the same as we have done in our everyday life over the last year.

ZAI is continuing to adapt to the evolving operating environment as we enhance our abilities to safely and securely engage and work remotely now and in the future. We understand there are aspects of the remote work environment that are not the same as being in person, but we continue to look for ways to enhance the experience and our performance using Teams and other collaborative tools. The goal is simply to work and communicate better with each other.

As a company, we continue to bid on, win, and retain existing and new work. Among wins with other agencies, we won new work with the Bureau of Prisons and were successful in winning our recompete for work with the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products.

We have several outstanding submitted proposals pending award in 2023.

Throughout the year we have adapted and responded to the many changes of 2022; from vaccine mandates to living with COVID-19 and the implications on our everyday lives at work and at home. As we look forward into 2023, we can be fairly certain that the “different normal” of 2022 will again be different by the end of 2023. There will be new challenges in 2023 and we will continue to adapt, by balancing wants and needs resulting from those changes—all with an eye to being the best we can as a company, employees, and people. This is not always easy, but ZAI has been so good at it over the years, especially the last few, we feel confident we will continue to be successful.

Life has continued and congratulations to all of you who have celebrated events this year, including births/adoptions in your families, graduations, birthdays, marriages, and other milestones.

In closing, we thank our employees for their continued dedication and support to ZAI and our customers. Our employees are the foundation and a driving force for their and our success and we never take that for granted.